A fast paced shooter in the spirit of Tribes LT
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What is new in Midair Community Edition?

Midair CE is about bringing the best parts of Midair into better focus, and developing the features that were sorely missed.


Art in the game has received a complete overhaul. Weapons, character models, sounds, effects and maps have been re-imagined with a grittier, more realistic style.


Progression has been removed in favor of granting everything you’ll need from the get-go.

Game Modes

Team Deathmatch and Arena have been revised, to favor a more pub friendly experience. LCTF is now CTF, as 'base' mode has been removed.


Servers have been rebuilt on a steadier platform with an increased server tick rate.

New features

New Features like practice mode, adjustable team colors, quickplay, chaingun overheat, and combo nades.

Coming soon

Overhauled UI, additional game modes (Duel, Team Rabbit), economy, skins, profile with stats, server rentals, and countless other small fixes and QoL changes are on the way!