Patch Notes –

Welcome to version of Midair: Community Edition. This patch has taken some time, but features a massive amount of background work to make new features available. To coincide with this release, the website has also had a huge overhaul and will be updated in the coming days. But firstly….

Bring ‘Em Back BYO5 Tourney Saturday Nov 14th

The community is hosting a Bring Your Own 5 tournament this weekend. This tourney will see pre-made teams compete in round robin bo1s format to decide seeding for single elimination knockout playoffs on Dec 5th. updates:

Competitive Ladders

Arena and Duel ladders are now live, the format is rankup (you will move up after defeating another team/player) and you are able to directly challenge any opponent. Ladders need serious testing, they are still in a very early stage and will have some issues, if you come across any bugs, please leave in the #bugs discord channel.

Arena Ladder (rules)
– Arena tournament mode is 3v3, best of 7x 1 life rounds, bo3 maps.
– Tempest/Grenade Launcher/Plasma, Hand Grenade, Energy Pack
– You can only be on one team for each ladder (can be in different teams for ctf/arena etc)
To sign up, you’ll need to login and then Create a team and Join the Arena Ladder. You can invite other players on their profile or players can request to join the team from the team page.

Duel Ladder (rules)
– DUEL ladder matches will be played as a best of 3 maps
– First to 10 wins the map
– Tempest/Grenade Launcher/Plasma, Hand Grenade, Energy Pack
Duel has no game mode and maps are currently being designed (play matches on CTF maps right now). To sign up, you’ll need to login and then Join the Duel Ladder.

The Capture The Flag Ladder will be unlocked after the upcoming byo5 tournament. Store

Cosmetics are here! In total, over 130 skins, voice packs, sprays, trails are in the store for this patch.

Soon after this patch, every beta player will be given free credits to help test the store, and will have one week to use them. After a week has passed, all credits and cosmetic purchases will be reset. In a later patch, XP and rank systems will be enabled which will award players credits for playing matches.

You will be able to exchange credits in the shop or in game when you click the lock icon in-game next to the item in the customize menu (the UI will be changed in a future patch). Note: you will need to have the Steam overlay enabled to purchase ingame.

Midair: Community Edition Patch notes ver


Demo playback makes a return. Demo playback originally featured in Midair before release, and through several engine upgrades became incredibly broken. Requiring a massive effort from our new team member, Bahke, and many hours of testing to bring it to functioning form.

It is very likely there are still bugs that need to be ironed out.

Demos will be available in-game to download from the Match History tab under Profiles in-game and via your match history on This whole process is still very much work in progress.


  • Introducing the male proxy skin! Both male and female player models now have several skins available in the store
  • Return of the Demonic skin for not only the Tempest, but also the Grenade Launcher and Chaingun, with other weapons to follow
  • The Demonic skin set is joined by another version, Putrid
  • The Plasma and Blaster have a new model with updated sound and projectile effects.
  • Decreased Tempest projectile trail thickness.

Weapon Balance

  • The following changes all need more thorough play testing, so please let us know your feedback
  • Plasma: Reload has been removed, rate-of-fire is 0.75s and does 84 damage per shot.
  • Blaster: ROF slightly slower, clip sized reduced, equip time reduced.
  • Combo ‘nade: More impulse.


  • Player input will be locked during the 5 second pre round timer
  • When team lives are depleted each player will have 2 lives left each, once an individual player has run out of lives, they will be forced to spec a player on their team.


You’re now required to click or push any button to enter a map. This will allow displaying of map author, objectives, custom rule-sets, MOTD and more in the future. This will also stop an AFK player from joining the server after a map change. This display page is just a place holder and will get more updates in the future.

  • CTF-Cerberus: Fixed bug where flag would fall under the stand
  • CTF-Exhumed: Fixed bug where point blank tempest shots didn’t register on the side pillars
  • CTF-Elite: More closely aligned collisions on the crane.
  • CTF-FatalFortress: has had some optimizations
  • CTF-Raptor: has had some spawn tweaks after community feedback
  • CTF-RiftValley: fixed a gap on the flag stand that could make projectiles disappear
  • CTF-Silvas: A new map inspired by an old classic


Changed some parameters in the dedicated server install that should increase network performance.


  • Credits you have earned or purchased will now show in the main UI.
  • Server info has been added, click on a server, click info, and see live details on the players and map in progress.
  • Match history returns, with demos being available for download for each match.
  • Remove vehicle sensitivity from control settings.

General bug fixes

  • Fix spectator name and speed not being shown in first person.
  • Fix for an issue where the observer cam would rotate when focused on the flag (this will need solid testing to see if its truly fixed)
  • Fixed an issue where players would have infinite energy if they died in an energy conduit (CTF-Authority).
  • Fixed an issue where player and flag IFFs was blurry at lower quality settings.
  • Fixed the FPS slider.
  • Fixed an exploit where jetting into certain angles of buildings could give a player immense speed.
  • Fixed an issue where colliding with tight corners of buildings or rocks could instantly kill the player.
  • Removed checking for “Manaborn pass” that could cause a delay in spawning.
  • Hide ‘Not Enough Players’ text when in local server.
  • Removed Discord integration which should fix an issue where players ran Discord in Admin mode.
  • Removed some background debugging which should give a general performance boost.
  • Fixed an issue that made the flag hologram pop out of the flag when the grab animation was played.
  • Added the ability to perma-ban users from individual servers or game wide.
  • Tournament mode weapon restrictions should be fixed.
  • Projectiles fired right before death by players with a higher ping should no longer go missing. Maybe.
  • Applied some optimization to water which should see some performance bumps.
  • Fixed a bug that would improperly display points awarded for certain actions while playing CTF.


Moved stats around on tab menu for better flow and grouped more categorically.

Flag play between teammates are now tracked for both Flag Passes, and Flag Catches among teammates, only if caught in the air.

Flag Capture Assists are now tracked, and added to the tab menu.

Changed Flag capture point system to distribute points to players who helped a flag capture.

  • 750 points – If a player grabs from stand first, and captures flag without teams assistance.
  • 400 Points – If a player grabs from stand first, team handles flag, and re-takes possession of flag and captures.
  • 350 Points – If a player grabs from stand first, but flag is captured by a teammate.
  • 250 Points – If a player assists its team in the flag capture (Touched flag at some point).
  • 450 Points – If a player captures the flag, but was not first to grab off stand.
  • Started collecting Weapon Accuracy Stats
  • Added Midair Distance Tracking for both Victim, and Instigating player. (These will not be visible until UI overhaul).
  • Added a counter for how many times a player was HIT with a midair.

Known Issues

  • Demo play back of flag events can get messed up after using rewind.
  • After dying in an Energy Conduit, energy regen is jittery until the next death outside of the energy conduit.
  • Vote to make admin can still randomly choose the wrong player.
  • Tempest was renamed in the code base and will not be in the default weapon set upon first loading the game with the new patch.
  • Arena has a de-sync issue at the start of each round, which appears to be worse the higher the ping.
  • Player speed not showing in observer mode when the flag is viewed.
  • Match history, match detail pages and player profiles on are still a work in progress and will be updated over the next week.