Patch Notes –


– The new intro movie has had its sound level dropped a bit. It wasn’t mentioned in the last patch notes, but you can also now click to cancel the intro should you wish.
– Fixed blurry UI icons (flags, iffs, death markers etc) at low/medium texture setting.
– Low HP alarm volume slightly reduced and number of beeps reduced to 2 from 3.

General bug fixes

– Fixed flag not being capped if a player picks up the enemy flag while standing on their own flagstand.
– Fixed UnPause timer only showing to the person who used the command.
– Fixed an issue with server performance when bots have been used on the server.
– Fixed typing in the middle of route trail description.
– Added scrollable menu for drills/routes list.
– Added buttons to disable tournament mode and practice mode.


Minora: Touched up terrain beneath bases.
Kryo: Fixed a floating tree.
Tolar: Moved Red OOB out a little.
NightFlare: Smoothed out tower interior a little, Added 25 health pickup to bottom of tower.
Crystalline: Terrain redo.
Authority: Removed water from the lower level (should improve performance a little).
Coral: Added some decals, fixed gaps in some rocks.
FatalFortress: Applied different glowy material on the bridge cables in mid (should improve performance a little)
Ingonyama: Fixed floating foliage (again lol)
Minora: Expanded OOB a bit
Outpost: Blocked off the mana crack in mid Rift Valley: messed around with the OOB a bit

Known issues

The “energy conduit” on some maps can create an issue where they give infinite energy

Patch Notes –

New Features and Bug Fixes

Practice Mode

Practice Mode has been added and is available in offline mode or when a server is set to practice mode. This feature includes Route recording and playback as well as Bot Defense Drills to hone your skills against.

5 Second Out of Bounds Grid Flag Timer

You can now take the flag out of bounds for up to 5 seconds before it will automatically return to the flagstand. The flag no longer bounces or instantly drops when touching the OOB grid. Map OOB grid sizes have been adjusted (reduced) to account for this change in mechanic. There is an on screen timer to count it down and an audio alarm component to this mechanic.

This change has been made to better suit LT style gameplay, as the old OOB grid mechanic was not intended to be used without a flag IFF, the goal of this new mechanic is to reduce in-bounds area for hiding and rabbiting with the flag without annihilating flag capper return routes.

If you have any feedback regarding this new mechanic please remember to include the map which you had a positive or negative experience on with the mechanic, as this is vital information for adjusting OOB grid sizes on a per map basis, try not to direct criticism at the mechanic itself rather than the map it is applied to. The first pass of this mechanic with the reduced OOB grid sizes does need testing via pugs.

A side effect of this mechanics change should also solve many bugs associated with the old OOB mechanic, such as getting the flag out of bounds, having the client think that a player dropped a flag when he touched the OOB when he in-fact still has it and other such jank.

Pause Updates

-Added new console command “UnPause”, which shows a 5 second countdown timer.
-Spectators can look around during pause.
-Removed chat spam protection during pause.

Console key

-Changed console to not always be ` (grave); can be bound to whatever now.

AFK Timer

-Added AFK Timer – 60 seconds AFK (no mouse movement) will force spectate, 5 minutes AFK will kick from server.

Changemap Command

-Added new single command to change map for admins – ChangeMap <mapname> instead of RconOverrideNextMap <mapname> followed by RconEndMatch.

New Intro Video

-Added new Midair Community Edition intro movie.

Removed Sniper Rifle from light loadouts.

Fixed a pair of server crashes


-Added Flag Passes, and Flag Pickup stats. Flags are now tracked by Grabs, Passes, and Pickups
-Fixed weapon kill points from being awarded to players on the same team
-Added point system for Flag Passes, and in field pickups.
-Added Teamkill, and Suicides stats
-Added stats to tab menu, rearranged a bit
-Bug fix for Assists, Deaths, and Kills when a player is shot by one or more players then evacuates. It will still award points for damage inflicted upon a player who evacuates.

-Added Evacuations stat

-Added Evacuations to Scoreboard.


New Maps

CTF, AR, TDM: Authority
CTF: CrushDepth
CTF: FatalFortress
CTF: Gloomlands
CTF: RiftValley
CTF: Tolar
AR, TDM: Cerberus

Map changes

-Replaced the water with a variant that should improve performance a bit

-Replaced the water with a variant that should improve performance a bit
-Added ivy to the bases
-Switched the positions of the health & ammo pickups
-Nerfed the strength of the health pickup

-Reverted the heightmap to a previous version, restoring many old routes that were no longer possible at the beginning of MACE.
-Chopped down the forest that was located near the flagstand and replaced it with a small hut with a health pickup inside.
-The map has been made a daytime map again, since two of our new snow maps are also night maps as well.
-Smoothed out collision on the flagstand


-Replaced the water with a variant that should improve performance a bit
-Fixed blue team’s spawns facing the wrong direction
-Slightly moved a cliff


-Patched a hole in the wall


-Removed all the rocks from middle
-The OOB grid has been fixed so that it is a single wall, rather than the weird double OOB boxing situation
-The outer red grid is now also hexagonal
-Revised player spawn density


-Reverted the heightmap to a previous version, restoring many old routes that were no longer possible at the beginning of MACE.
-Cleaned up collision on the flagstand a lot
-Removed two front spawns from Elite
-Properly mirrored the map


-Smoothed out the collision inside and outside of the top tunnel of each pyramid
-Removed collision from small pipes inside of the pyramid
-Properly mirrored the map


-Reduced rock outcropping quantity
-Balanced spawn positions on either side of the flagstand
-Properly mirrored the map


-Fixed floating spawns
-Fixed floating trees


-Reverted the heightmap to a previous version, restoring many old routes that were no longer possible at the beginning of MACE.
-Cleaned up collision around the flagstand a lot
-Removed some rocks and cliffs from the map that would commonly disrupt smooth gameplay
-Properly mirrored the map


-Turned Bloom back on in the postprocess volume for this map
-Made the fog a lighter colour and less thick


-Reverted the heightmap to a previous version, restoring many old routes that were no longer possible at the beginning of MACE.
-Increased Z scale of the map by 8.33% (it’s slightly more vertical now)
-Improved collision on and around the flagstand a lot
-Properly mirrored the map


-Complete overhaul of flagstand area, everything is now much more simple with metal scaffolding mimicking the older versions of Raptor/Iguana
-Patched up a lot of holes and problem areas around the flagstand with blocking volumes
-Removed all roots that would hinder smooth gameplay
-Removed many rocks and trees in problem areas
-Added much more simple collision to the main flagstand trees, disallowing players from climbing up into the heavens
-Players should now be unable to stand still while on parts of the tree, sliding off unless jetting and moving on it
-There is now an invisible 5 second alarming OOB volume up the tree before the simple collision area, which should sound off when a player starts to climb the tree with the flag, giving away their position to players below and punishing them with a flag return if they remain up there
-Increased the heightfog on the map from the previous version which was basically no fog if you turned the volumetric fog off in the settings


-Reduced the Z scale of the map by 15% (it’s a bit less vertical now)
-Removed all rocks and cliffs from the map


-Replaced the water with a variant that should improve performance a bit

Visual changes

-Yellow flag forcefields now no longer have a flag icon on them, this is because the icon was incorrect when compared to the current flag model and would stretch when the forcefield size was changed. These forcefields still act in the same way as previous; instantly dropping the flag, unlike the new OOB mechanic. These forcefields may receive a better icon later.

-The OOB grid has been made twice as transparent and fades out from a closer distance than previously, due to how much less of a threat they are to fast cappers on return routes and the requirements of the ability to play near them and see through them.


-Enemy flag returned sound volume increased
-Adjusted reward audio for skillshots
-Tweaked skillshot reward values to make higher star ratings more common
-Low HP alarm slightly louder and beeps multiple times

Known Issues

-New Intro Movie volume not tied to in-game audio sliders, sorry for blasting your ears.
-Still cases where flag isn’t capped if passed to a player standing inside their own flag.

Patch Notes –



Implemented chaingun overheat. Each bullet fired will heat up the barrel and slow the fire rate, moving faster will cool the barrels.


You are now all about that nuggie life. Health nuggets now heal much faster, heal up to 30hp (up from 25), and they also still stack

Combo Nades

Combo nade has been nerfed a little bit more (due to a fix further down in the patch notes).

-Removed impulse

-Doubled hitbox size

-Reduced explosion radius 33%

-Increased damage to 42


CTF-BeachBlitz, CTF-Cerberus, CTF-Icedance, CTF-Raptor, and CTF-Zephyr make their debut AR-Chasm has had a number of holes fixed

CTF-Brynhildr had that little rock gap out the back fixed

CTF-NightFlare has had light source increased a skootch

CTF-Kryosis has had a birthday

-Moved bases & flagstands approximately 3 meters to restore pre-MACE grab angles

-Finally properly mirrored, bases & terrain are no longer misaligned by half a meter

-Minor terrain modifications

-A couple of extra spawns (still 50/50 for each side of the base)

-Added more collision volumes to the ramps leading into the base to make movement around them much smoother

Added TDM versions of DM-Blitz and Skyway CTF-Minora, and CTF-Outpost have seen some performance optimisations


Collision fixed on some tree models (looking at you, coral)

Updated nuggie model to show how much of a badass it is

Tempest reload sound adjusted

Skill shots sounds overhauled


Death cam has been removed, which should also fix the issue of sometimes staring at the ground on respawn

Implemented initial beta practice mode. Check the menu for the new keybinds.

Low health vignette shouldn’t show in observer mode. For reals this time.

Tab menu updated to show like, heaps more stuff.

Added low hp alarm sound that plays when taking damage at critical health.

Fixed an issue where shooting point blank at flags, powerups, or other effects could cause the projectile to spawn in a direction other than where the crosshair is aimed (nonreg on combo nade seems to be fixed with this, combo might need a small nerf now as it is much more predictable)

Fixed camera positions on a lot of maps

Playing maps in offline mode should now spawn you on a team making the flags work properly

Fixed an issue that was causing floating grass. Not all maps have been updated for this patch

Known bugs

Overheat graphic doesn’t always show for everyone. Apparently if you delete and fully reinstall MACE it comes good

Practice mode appears to be crashing the MA:CE client

Patch Notes –


– Implemented a UE4 feature that should reduce input latency.

– Fall damage has been buffed. You heard me.

– Added FPS FrameRateCap limit slider in the Settings menu via UI (experimental)

– Set Default FOV to 100 from 90.

– Discord Rich Presence should now show the current map.

– Players now correctly render high quality shadows on High and Ultra settings, and players’ own shadow is rendered in first person view.

– Combo grenade inheritance now matches regular hand grenades, hitbox reduced a skootch, players will now receive slightly more impulse at the expense of more self damage.

– CG projectiles are back to being a deeper red but are more colour-blind friendly.

– Railgun now costs 50 energy per shot, damage increased to 50, and can now shoot twice before reloading.

– Blaster hold to charge up secondary fire has been removed because uhh we broke it. Holding the fire button now fires at a fixed rate.

– Fixed an issue where spectator mode would show the “low health” vignette.

– Fixed an issue where sometimes flags were visible through buildings even when flag IFF’s are off.

– Fixed an issue that would cause splash damage to be incorrectly calculated in some cases. – Fixed an issue that was causing powerups to crash servers.


– Heal over time heals more granularly over time instead of in chunks.

– Heal over time no longer heals past 200hp.

– Fixed an issue where powerup ammo was only being added client side.


– Added basic in-game music to each map.

– End game announcer now no longer talks over the final cap announcement.

– End game announcer now always says if your team won or lost.

– Friendly flag carrier killed alarm sound adjusted.

– Power up sound tied to Game Events volume slider in audio options.

Quickvoice Menu

– [VGE] is now ‘Oops!’

– [VVN] [VVY] are now team ‘No’ and ‘Yes’


– AR-Aquaarena has had an art pass. Added DoubleDamage powerup, more spawns, changed some powerup locations.

– AR-Vertex has had an overhaul including an extended playing area, upper catwalk, quarter pipes and different spawn and powerup locations.

– AR-Skyway gets some updated art.

– AR-Chasm a brand new map has been added to rotation. Check it out and let us know your feedback!

– CTF-Kryosis: Fixed a spawn point that was underground.

– CTF-TwilightGrove: Sun has been repositioned from behind a base to the side. Spawns tweaked.

– CTF-Nightflare: QoL art changes.

– CTF-Trailblazer: Revamped the flagstand and platforms, added building to the centre of the map, updated some artwork, lowered flagstands so they aren’t floating, heavier fog.

– CTF-Outpost: Smoothed out the lip on the flagstand doorways.

– CTF-Drought: The inside of the flagstand is now smooth so players shouldn’t pinball around inside, the OOB should no longer do funky things to a loose flag, and some spawns have moved.

– CTF-Minora: Blocked part of the flagstand where a flag could get caught but a player couldn’t get to it.

– Clouds on most maps now move slower.

– And finally, let’s welcome CTF-Coral back to Midair:CE, ready for play testing after getting its makeup done.

Patch Notes –


– Fixed Map Rotation

– Discord user profile will now display some info about the server a player is on


– CTF-Outpost: flag position updated

– CTF-Drought: Removed some rocks & cliffs from mid area

– CTF-TwilightGrove: Fixed some lighting issues

– CTF-TwilightGrove: Tweaked Spawns

– CTF-Kryosis: Tweaked spawns

– AR-Skyway: added multishot powerup for testing purposes

– AR-Skyway: Fixed small gap


– Removed long trails from flag event sounds

– New friendly and enemy flag toss sound

– New friendly flag carrier killed sound


– Added Double Damage

– Added Multishot

– Tweaked Fast Energy Regen

– Removed area heal over time and area damage over time

– Added Heal over Time

– Small Health now gives 25 HP

– Health Large now gives 100HP

– Powerups will no longer persist through death

Patch Notes –



-Multiple powerups/pickups tweaks, fixes and changes (still heavily WIP)

Arena Mode

-Fixed “last life left” game message

Combo Grenade

-Damage decreased from 50 to 35
-Inheritance decreased from 100% to 75%
-Hitbox increased by 15%


-Increased collection of player statistics
-Added multiple new stats to the scoreboard that are now recorded by the game
-Points changed or added for multiple actions


-Modular assets received some art upgrades
-Water improved
-Updated Desert Terrain rock textures
-Added warm up desaturation effect
-Changed chaingun & grenade launcher effects


-Flag events audio changes and fixes



-OOB Grid Expanded
-Scale of base structures increased 25%
-Added more spawns
-Increased fog & changed skybox
-Terrain modifications
-Fixed some weird collision out of bounds
-Changed middle area (pillars/rocks)


-Added some cacti
-Fixed an issue that was causing the map to be incorrectly bright on low settings


-Minor base modifications


-Added new platforms for defense players to stand
-Removed some spawns


-Fixed floating foliage

TDM-Calypso, TDM-Crystalline, TDM-Speedway:

-Added modular pads for powerups/pickups to sit on, they should now be much easier to find from range

New Map: TDM-Tribulus

Patch Notes –


Fixed an issue with powerups crashing AR/CTF

Powerups should now play a sound when you walk over them


Added CTF-Drought

Added AR-Skyway

Fixed collisions on CTF-Trailblazer base

Known issues:

Powerups don’t do a hecking lot rn

Patch Notes –


– VGS fixed, new default voice: Bethany

– Low health screen effect should only be visible when you are low HP

– Fixed crash relating to powerups

– Scoreboard colour will now respect chosen team colour value


– Fixed several collision issues on CTF-Nightflare and AR-Vertex

– New landscape/rocks-based Arena map: Calico

– Aquarena removed

Combo Grenade:

-Now ignores chaingun bullets

-Screen shake removed

-Max Ammo 4 -> 3

-Damage 80 -> 50

-Hitbox reduced 10%

-Blast radius reduced 15%

-Impulse reduced 90% against targets other than yourself

-Inheritance 65 -> 100%