Capture the Flag

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After creating your team you can invite players from your steam friends list or players can request to join your team. You can approve or deny these requests. Teams will need a minimum of 5 players before joining the ladder. Teams may have more than 5 players for subs if they wish. Players cannot be on multiple teams competing on the CTF ladder.

Ladder admins

  • Modus
  • Colonel Blair
  • Swordfish

Matches and map selection

  • CTF ladder matches will be played as a best of 3
  • Team 1 picks a map to be played and a pool of 3 maps for third
  • Team 2 picks a map to be played and a pool of 3 maps for third
  • The third map is randomly selected from the pool of six maps and must be different from the first two played maps.
  • Map selection is an early version and will be improved upon later. If both teams agree on a different map for third over the random map that should be fine as long as a ladder admin is made aware of this.

Match time/date

  • Both captains should agree on a time/date when both teams will be available.
  • It’s up to the teams to have 5 players in the designated server for the match start time. If your team is going to be late, please notify an admin.
  • If a match cannot be played within a week of the accepted challenged date, let an admin know so that the match or challenge can be cancelled.


  • Servers should be set to 20 minute map length
  • Servers should have the tournament mode enabled
  • Select the server which gives both teams the lowest ping (eg: NA v EU team, play on NY etc)


  • All players must use the standard loadout: Ring Launcher, Chaingun, Grenade Launcher, and Frag Grenades.
  • Use of any other weapons or items is not permitted.
  • If a player is using a banned weapon or item, an admin or player may ask them to stop using the infringing weapon or item.

Player Etiquette

  • While it is understandable that there will always be a certain level of playful taunting in the spirit of competitiveness, please show respect to all other players and admins, regardless of any in-game disputes or issues that may arise. Take it to a PM if needed. This means no extended rants in discord or voice, no rage-quitting, no griefing the ladder/tournament itself. If you have an issue arise, please PM an Admin why you no longer can/want to play, and a sub will be found for you.
  • Harassment, griefing, or any kind of racial, sexual, or skill-level based attacks will not be tolerated.
  • If determined by an admin to be in violation of these standards of behavior, you will be given a warning.
  • If an admin determines that a player is in violation a second time, they will not be allowed to play in their team’s next match.
  • If continued infractions are observed or determined, admins reserve the right to disqualify said player from the ladder/tournament.

Subs & Tardiness

  • Should any team need a substitute player, the team captain should contact one of the admins.
  • At the posted match start time, if one or both teams aren’t ready, a 5 minute grace period will be granted for technical issues or tardiness. After this time, the captain must choose whether to proceed with 4 players, forfeit the match, or use an admin-approved sub.
  • If a captain chooses to get a sub, they may keep the sub for the remainder of the match, or switch the match player in if they connect/reconnect using a game pause.
  • If a player has connectivity or crash issues mid-game, a 2 minute pause will be given for said player to return or to be replaced by a sub. After 2 minutes, the game will resume either way.

Infractions & Disqualification

  • In the case of a rule infraction, whether witnessed directly by an admin or reported by a mod, admins will make a collective decision when possible.
  • No player or team may be disqualified by the ruling of a single admin.
  • In the case of disqualification, disqualified players and teams are free to challenge the ruling and present a case for review.