Patch Notes –


– Error message when loading the game is resolved

– Resolved API issues (could not connect to server message)


– Announcer always speaks for flag captures

– Announcer is now tied to the in-game voices volume slider

– Tweaked cg sound

– New sound for 1 star rated skill shots

– Increased range needed for chaingun hits to be considered skill shots

– Tweaked sound for enemy flag carrier killed


– Fixed an issue where server would crash when the flag carrier got a kill


– Ring launcher is now the Tempest, with new sound and weapon trail effects

– Flag trail effect tweaked

– Tweaked chaingun effects

– Tweaked character fresnel glow effect

– CTF-Elite: Minor terrain change, deleted some rocks next to flagstand

– CTF-Minora: some non mirrored rocks were deleted

Known issues:

– The VGS menu is all messed up

– There are no sounds for flag events in TDM

– CTF-Outpost flags are offset