Patch Notes –


– Fixed Map Rotation

– Discord user profile will now display some info about the server a player is on


– CTF-Outpost: flag position updated

– CTF-Drought: Removed some rocks & cliffs from mid area

– CTF-TwilightGrove: Fixed some lighting issues

– CTF-TwilightGrove: Tweaked Spawns

– CTF-Kryosis: Tweaked spawns

– AR-Skyway: added multishot powerup for testing purposes

– AR-Skyway: Fixed small gap


– Removed long trails from flag event sounds

– New friendly and enemy flag toss sound

– New friendly flag carrier killed sound


– Added Double Damage

– Added Multishot

– Tweaked Fast Energy Regen

– Removed area heal over time and area damage over time

– Added Heal over Time

– Small Health now gives 25 HP

– Health Large now gives 100HP

– Powerups will no longer persist through death