Patch Notes –


– Implemented a UE4 feature that should reduce input latency.

– Fall damage has been buffed. You heard me.

– Added FPS FrameRateCap limit slider in the Settings menu via UI (experimental)

– Set Default FOV to 100 from 90.

– Discord Rich Presence should now show the current map.

– Players now correctly render high quality shadows on High and Ultra settings, and players’ own shadow is rendered in first person view.

– Combo grenade inheritance now matches regular hand grenades, hitbox reduced a skootch, players will now receive slightly more impulse at the expense of more self damage.

– CG projectiles are back to being a deeper red but are more colour-blind friendly.

– Railgun now costs 50 energy per shot, damage increased to 50, and can now shoot twice before reloading.

– Blaster hold to charge up secondary fire has been removed because uhh we broke it. Holding the fire button now fires at a fixed rate.

– Fixed an issue where spectator mode would show the “low health” vignette.

– Fixed an issue where sometimes flags were visible through buildings even when flag IFF’s are off.

– Fixed an issue that would cause splash damage to be incorrectly calculated in some cases. – Fixed an issue that was causing powerups to crash servers.


– Heal over time heals more granularly over time instead of in chunks.

– Heal over time no longer heals past 200hp.

– Fixed an issue where powerup ammo was only being added client side.


– Added basic in-game music to each map.

– End game announcer now no longer talks over the final cap announcement.

– End game announcer now always says if your team won or lost.

– Friendly flag carrier killed alarm sound adjusted.

– Power up sound tied to Game Events volume slider in audio options.

Quickvoice Menu

– [VGE] is now ‘Oops!’

– [VVN] [VVY] are now team ‘No’ and ‘Yes’


– AR-Aquaarena has had an art pass. Added DoubleDamage powerup, more spawns, changed some powerup locations.

– AR-Vertex has had an overhaul including an extended playing area, upper catwalk, quarter pipes and different spawn and powerup locations.

– AR-Skyway gets some updated art.

– AR-Chasm a brand new map has been added to rotation. Check it out and let us know your feedback!

– CTF-Kryosis: Fixed a spawn point that was underground.

– CTF-TwilightGrove: Sun has been repositioned from behind a base to the side. Spawns tweaked.

– CTF-Nightflare: QoL art changes.

– CTF-Trailblazer: Revamped the flagstand and platforms, added building to the centre of the map, updated some artwork, lowered flagstands so they aren’t floating, heavier fog.

– CTF-Outpost: Smoothed out the lip on the flagstand doorways.

– CTF-Drought: The inside of the flagstand is now smooth so players shouldn’t pinball around inside, the OOB should no longer do funky things to a loose flag, and some spawns have moved.

– CTF-Minora: Blocked part of the flagstand where a flag could get caught but a player couldn’t get to it.

– Clouds on most maps now move slower.

– And finally, let’s welcome CTF-Coral back to Midair:CE, ready for play testing after getting its makeup done.