Patch Notes –



Implemented chaingun overheat. Each bullet fired will heat up the barrel and slow the fire rate, moving faster will cool the barrels.


You are now all about that nuggie life. Health nuggets now heal much faster, heal up to 30hp (up from 25), and they also still stack

Combo Nades

Combo nade has been nerfed a little bit more (due to a fix further down in the patch notes).

-Removed impulse

-Doubled hitbox size

-Reduced explosion radius 33%

-Increased damage to 42


CTF-BeachBlitz, CTF-Cerberus, CTF-Icedance, CTF-Raptor, and CTF-Zephyr make their debut AR-Chasm has had a number of holes fixed

CTF-Brynhildr had that little rock gap out the back fixed

CTF-NightFlare has had light source increased a skootch

CTF-Kryosis has had a birthday

-Moved bases & flagstands approximately 3 meters to restore pre-MACE grab angles

-Finally properly mirrored, bases & terrain are no longer misaligned by half a meter

-Minor terrain modifications

-A couple of extra spawns (still 50/50 for each side of the base)

-Added more collision volumes to the ramps leading into the base to make movement around them much smoother

Added TDM versions of DM-Blitz and Skyway CTF-Minora, and CTF-Outpost have seen some performance optimisations


Collision fixed on some tree models (looking at you, coral)

Updated nuggie model to show how much of a badass it is

Tempest reload sound adjusted

Skill shots sounds overhauled


Death cam has been removed, which should also fix the issue of sometimes staring at the ground on respawn

Implemented initial beta practice mode. Check the menu for the new keybinds.

Low health vignette shouldn’t show in observer mode. For reals this time.

Tab menu updated to show like, heaps more stuff.

Added low hp alarm sound that plays when taking damage at critical health.

Fixed an issue where shooting point blank at flags, powerups, or other effects could cause the projectile to spawn in a direction other than where the crosshair is aimed (nonreg on combo nade seems to be fixed with this, combo might need a small nerf now as it is much more predictable)

Fixed camera positions on a lot of maps

Playing maps in offline mode should now spawn you on a team making the flags work properly

Fixed an issue that was causing floating grass. Not all maps have been updated for this patch

Known bugs

Overheat graphic doesn’t always show for everyone. Apparently if you delete and fully reinstall MACE it comes good

Practice mode appears to be crashing the MA:CE client