Patch Notes –


– The new intro movie has had its sound level dropped a bit. It wasn’t mentioned in the last patch notes, but you can also now click to cancel the intro should you wish.
– Fixed blurry UI icons (flags, iffs, death markers etc) at low/medium texture setting.
– Low HP alarm volume slightly reduced and number of beeps reduced to 2 from 3.

General bug fixes

– Fixed flag not being capped if a player picks up the enemy flag while standing on their own flagstand.
– Fixed UnPause timer only showing to the person who used the command.
– Fixed an issue with server performance when bots have been used on the server.
– Fixed typing in the middle of route trail description.
– Added scrollable menu for drills/routes list.
– Added buttons to disable tournament mode and practice mode.


Minora: Touched up terrain beneath bases.
Kryo: Fixed a floating tree.
Tolar: Moved Red OOB out a little.
NightFlare: Smoothed out tower interior a little, Added 25 health pickup to bottom of tower.
Crystalline: Terrain redo.
Authority: Removed water from the lower level (should improve performance a little).
Coral: Added some decals, fixed gaps in some rocks.
FatalFortress: Applied different glowy material on the bridge cables in mid (should improve performance a little)
Ingonyama: Fixed floating foliage (again lol)
Minora: Expanded OOB a bit
Outpost: Blocked off the mana crack in mid Rift Valley: messed around with the OOB a bit

Known issues

The “energy conduit” on some maps can create an issue where they give infinite energy